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In this post we are going to discuss about the DMX controller for pixel led decoration In this controller we can do parallel connection and create the same designs as S or Z connection without using T8000 or T1000 controller.

This controller can glow up to 4000 Leds and also comes with the feature to synchronization of two or more controllers. Here we will focus on connection of controller with pixel, Power supply calculation and connection, programming in Jinx software including synchronization among multiple controllers.

Connection of Output port of controller and pixel led-

As we could see in the below image the direction of arrow indicates the ports to be used in serial number, we can connect up to 200 pixels in one port. since this is parallel controller we need to connect each patta individually with the ports.


Controller connection with power supply and how to calculate power supply? 

Formula to calculate power supply for any pixel led- P=V x I 

P= Power consumption 

V= Voltage 

I = current 

In case you are facing difficulty in finding the power supply we can give you estimate- 

700-1000 pixel led (0.9Watt and 5 Volt)  Power supply required is  80Amp

1000- 1500 pixel led ( 09watt and 5Volt) Power supply required is 150Amp 

2000 pixels led (09watt and 5Volt) Power supply required is  170 Amp 

Sync connection of controllers-

While connecting both controller A to be connected from other controller A, B to be connected from B.

And we need

Programming in Jinx Software-  first we need to download the Jinx software Download link 

for programming we need to set the Matrix and Uncheck the patch option if you are using single controller and keep the background as grey.

Go to SETUP and click on output device 

Click on add and select device as Gladiator

go to setup and click on start output

Click on plasma and use the controls and there you can make the program-

Select output 

Config file download- 

we need to upload this config file in memory card- [wpdm_package id=5102 template=”link-template-default.php”]

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