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Led Neon lights Usage, pricing and programming

Hi Guys, we are introducing demonstration on Neon lights, in this page we are discussing the usage Led Neon lights- Usage, pricing and programming.

Neon glass lights are the most popular choice when it comes to signage and advertisement. Their bright crackling light is not only eye-catching it is also iconic. 

Top features of Led Neon lights :-

  1. Led Neon are highly Luminous 
  2. Produce uniform and soft light 
  3. Convenient and easier to install 
  4. Don’t need any maintenance
  5. LED light strips are super flexible, bendable, and easy to install. 
  6. You can install them indoors, outdoors, overhead, underhead, in tight spaces, around corners, and any other place imaginable.

Usage of Led Neon lights:-

View of The interior lobby in Bitexco building

  1. Used in signage 
  2. Used in decoration
  3. Used in cabinets, Stairs, and in events 
  4. Used in interior decoration


Power Supply required:- Led Neon works in many variant of supply like DC- 12V, DC5V and AC Supply

Pricing of Neon Lights:- Pricing of neon lies between 500-600 per 5 meter. To buy neon click here- Buy Neon 

How to program neon lights:-Neon can be programmed with the help of transistor and Arduino, Refer the below image for the connection. 

Neon programming connection circuit  Connection circuit

Whom to contact for programming of Neon- you can contact us on 9039216117 for neon programming.


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