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P6 RGB Connection and Controller demonstration

Hello Friends! welcome to our page, in this page we are going to discuss the connection between two P6 display panels and we’ll also see the working of the Led art app.

What is P6 Display (Power consumption and connection detail) – It is called P6 display because the distance between two Leds is 6mm. there are other size also available as per the requirement but here we are only discussing the 32*32 display ( 32 led horizontally and 32 vertically)

Power required- For one tile of P6 32*32 display the power required is 5v 10A 

If you are adding similar tile of P6 horizontally or vertically you will need another 10A so it is advised to add 5V 70Amp or 80 amp to run 1-8 tile of 32*32

How to connect panels of p6 Display-

To understand the connection you need to see the Back side of Display ,you must be able to see white colour arrow mark in the display so we need to connect the display in on the same side indicated by arrow as shown in the picture. arrow also indicates the data flow inside the display.

Controller-  As we are using the two tiles and these are connected horizontally so we have used the controller with one port. In case some is making square or making more large borad they need to use the controller with multiple ports

One horizontal line uses one port controller 

two horizontal line uses two ports controller 

three Horizontal line need three port controller 

These controller comes with many inbuilt features like the  Wifi control, real time clock, video display feature and many more 

p6 display controller hardhat electronics

How to use the app-  First we need to download the Link to download the app for the p6 display controller (led art)-  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.huidu.huiduapp

Once the app is downloaded we can see the multiple function depending on the controller feature. If you dont have the wifi controller you need to connect the controller with Both side USB port.

Once the app is downloaded we need to select the size of display

After the selection the of the size we will  get the features like text input, language selection, brightness designs and many more. 

for more details watch our video- [aiovg_video type=”youtube” youtube=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXy0p38b_bg”]

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