Let’s discuss the controllers used for developing programming effects- 

1. IC Controller atmega328.

2. Arduino Uno pixel led controller.

3. NodeMCU WiFi Controller.

4. T1000s pixel led controller.

Let’s discuss all Controller one by one-

Atmega328p –  Can be brought for around 80 Rupees.

This is 28 pin IC that is programmed by using Arduino ide or by uploading a hex file on it.

For this IC Controller, we need two 22 pf capacitor along with 16 Mhz crystal for clock frequency.

We can program upto 550 pixels in a series manner.

Arduino Uno    Can be brought for around 300 Rupees.

Arduino Uno is an Arduino development board that is programmed by Arduino ide and we can also burn a hex file through the mini pro programmer.

In this Controller, there are 13 digital pins through which we can take pixel output. and it can control 450-pixel.

NodeMCU WiFi Controller- Can be brought for around 350 rupees.

This is a controller which has WiFi connectivity we can program pixel through wireless.

It Controller up to 500 pixels and programming through Arduino ide.

T1000s led Controller   Can be brought for around 800 rupees

This is a very popular Controller which is used to control upto 2048 pixels and run various beautiful effect.

Programming through LedEdit 2018.

In this software, you can capture various video effects


Watch this video for more details