Controller required to make Thoranam are- 

T1000S to control 2048 LEDs 

T4000  to control 4000 LEDs 

T8000 To control 8000 LEDs  

How to calculate Power supply – 

As one pixel Led Require 60mA

Let’s say for example we need to control 1000 Pixel Led we can multiply 60*1000= 60000mA

Now Divide 60000/1000= 60Amp.

So, the power supply required is 60Amp

How to connect pixels

Types of connections in Thoranam- 

Pixels can be connected in S- Type and Z- Type, correct connection is required for generating the same effects we have programmed in Led Edit software.

we need to identify the male and Female in order to connect the pixels, there is an arrow mark inside the pixel Led denotes the data flow 

The green color wire is of data flow.

Arrange all pixel string in the required order, for example, if we are making Thoranam of 16*49 we need to Put 10 pixels in vertical and another and same string 49 times

We need to connect the data wire of each string of pixels with an additional wire. Bottom of each string to be connected at the top of another string for data flow. 

Powe supply to be connected at the top of each string with plus and minus Supply with 2.5mm wire.

Supply to be provided on both the ends if 60Amp is required we can provide 30Amp + 30 Amp on both ends.

Sample of Program for thoranam

[wpdm_package id='1055']
[wpdm_package id='1038']
[wpdm_package id='1051']