Customized effect projects

See the lighting effects in cooldrink cooler door.

This could not be generated by generic controllers like T1000S or T8000A. 

This can only be done using WS2811 strips and Arduino.

Programming cost for a project like this is INR 1500-3500/-


Here in this project if you see the lighting effects, they are (Both bottle and outer string)  synchronized with each other.

Hardware requirement- Arduino/Arduino nano/ATMEGA328

Led Strip WS2811

Programming cost for the project like this INR 1500-3500/-

Lubricant pouring into piston! 

Controller required- Arduino/Arduino nano/ATMEGA328

Led Strip WS2811

The program cost range is INR 1500-3500/-

Hardware required for generating this effect is WS2811 led Strip and Arduino/Arduino nano/ATMEGA328

Led Strip WS2811

Program cost comes around INR 1500-3500/-

Hardware Required is- 

Led Strip WS2811 and diffuser 

Arduino/Arduino nano/ATMEGA328

Program cost INR1500-2500

Hardware required- 

Pixel led as Per the dimension.

T4000, depending upon the number of pixels. 

Programming and Effect cost INR 2500-5000/- 

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