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Here we are going to make a pixel led gate with 3d in view with each pixel is controllable.

In this led gate we can use any type of controllable led which may be – pixel led, led strip, led module.

Led Selection.

1) Pixel led are self waterproof in the package.

2) We can easily fix and unfix on the sheet and easy to connect and easily available

Hardware and software Required 

1. 2600 pixel led

2. About 140 amp of power supply

3. T8000 led controller 

4. LedEdit software 

Know how to use the LedEdit 2012 for Software For PixelLed GATE:


How to assemble hardware

We are going to use the T8000A led controller because it has 8 output ports which is used to connect pixel led input to each 16*32 line.

In our 3d pixel GATE, there is 16* 32-pixel matrix and each block connects separately to the 5 port of T8000A.

Make sure that the port sequence of layout should be the same as practical pixel connection.

Power supply Calculation:

About 20mA for one color in one pixel. There are 3 colors so 60mA for one pixel.

So there are about 2600 pixels and 60mA for each pixel which goes to  2600*60mA=156Amp.

So we are going to 4 power supply of 40amp 5volts. make sure when we connect the power supply after every 40 counts of pixel connect a new parallel line of power supply.

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