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Pixel Led and its working

Pixel LED is a small Lighting unit for both indoor and outdoor decoration.

A LED strip/Module is just a row a LEDs, often with adhesive on one side like tape. Along the strip there are either three or four electrical conductors, depending on the type. Three of these conductors are supply voltage, ground, and data signal. On some types of LED strips, you can also have a clock signal as a fourth conductor.

When a diode is forward-biased so that electrons and holes are zipping back and forth across the junction, they’re constantly combining and wiping one another out. Sooner or later, after an electron moves from the n-type into the p-type silicon, it will combine with a hole and disappear. That makes an atom complete and more stable and it gives off a little burst of energy (a kind of “sigh of relief”) in the form of a tiny “packet” or photon of light.

Programming lights are easily available in the market and it can be brought around the price below-

1) WS2811 RGB Strip – INR 1000 (5 Meter)

2)WS2811 PIXEL LED – INR 300 (1-Set)

3)WS 2811 RGB Module – INR 15-20 (Per module)

4)WS2815 RGB Strip- 1000-1200 (5 Meter)

Check this video for WS2811