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Stair light Controller (Light-O-Stair)

Smart Stair Light

Motion sensor LED stair lights let you safely and effectively navigate your steps while eliminating the need for any action. And because they turn off automatically, they also save power! We’ve recently installed these handy little LED stair lights and wanted to share the process with you.

Equipment’s required to install stairs lights- 

  • 12 Volt 60Amp power supply for controller 
  • Same power supply 12 Volt power supply can be used for Strip 
  • Warm-white strip 
  • CAT6 Cable 
  • Digital Sensor Range up to 1 meter
  • Controller for stairs 

How to Install the stairs-

  • We need to install the Warm-white strips in aluminium profile by making them waterproof so that it shouldn’t be damaged while cleaning.
  • We need to connect all -Ve of the strips  with the controller data ports and all +ve of strips with the power supply.
  • CAT6 cables are to be installed from sensor to controller terminals. 
  • Sensors are to be placed on the first stair and last stairs.

Buy controller-